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About QBF

Quantum Business Foundation (QBF) is a US Corporation and a social business This means that the shareholder of QBF is a non-profit foundation (NPO). Social business or social enterprise is an economic concept attributed to Nobel Peace Prize winner Muhammad Yunus. Companies operating in the field are supposed to solve social and ecological social problems. The concept is intended to make capitalism sustainable.

QBF is a specialist in alternative high level investments, corporate finance and high class performance consulting. We are gatekeepers to the top of the value chain in the global financial market. We open the doors to the very top when a client is a good fit.

Especially for High Net-Worth Indiviuals (HNWI`s) and Ultra High-Net-Worth Indiviuals (UHNWI`s) we offer specific services and the creation of high end infrastructures and transactions. But we can also systematically help investors and entrepreneurs from the middle class to reach the upper league,

We have a High Class Performance Network and have capabilities that go beyond the known average.

„The extraordinary does not happen in the ordinary way“

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

The acting persons

Our network and the acting persons include high class performers working in or with system relevant institutions. Some of our partners work directly with people at government level or with high level traders in banking instruments.

We do not work through an opaque chain of intermediaries but bring our clients directly to the source. Principle to Principle. Our network is complemented by top-class business consultants who have been working in the field of legal tax optimization for decades and specialize in special purpose vehicles (SPVs) and holding constructions in various countries.

There are currently only about 300 companies worldwide that can boast this concentrated load of expertise and access. Our company sees itself as the umbrella of a High Class Performance Network. Fake it till you make it.

Lido Anthony

„The key to success is not the information. These are people.“

– Lido Anthony „Lee Iaocca“, former Chrysler chairman and Former Ford chairman


Our philosophy:

Appreciation comes from value creation.


Our core values:

Appreciation, sincerity, fairness, reliability, trust, respect, commitment, responsibility, business ethics.


Our mission:

Our common goal is to help as many people as possible to achieve more wealth and financial freedom but also to convey the following message: do good, share and you get more. We help people who are already very wealthy to reach a much higher level. We are an opportunity provider and it is not a right to be included in our network: it is a privilege.


Our Vision:

Our vision is to grow profitably while continuing to expand our High Class Performance network and increase our positive social impact. We live this as acting individuals. By combining our multinational network with our diverse local roots, we can provide alternative opportunities that exceed our customers‘ needs. By leveraging our global reach and investing even more in humanitarian projects, we can make a big impact on the world.

„We can’t turn a blind eye to the world’s challenges; business must make a significant, positive contribution to addressing the world’s problems, and I’m convinced we can create a more equitable and sustainable future for us all. And social business is an important step toward that.“

– The Honorary President of the Quantum Business Foundation

Management Director Oversea: F. Ferragamo
Management Director Europe: D. A. Graf
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