Company Consulting

Restructuring of distressed companies or strategic reorientation – also expansions and procurement of sufficient liquidity (Growth Capital).


Management Consulting

Psychological Management Training and Individual Coaching according to Montessori Pedagogy, Neuro Linguistic Consulting and Systemic Constellation – in which we change the root, the tree and the fruits also change.


Marketing Consulting

We are professionals in the field of high class performance marketing – corporate design creation, website implementation, internet advertising. Everything is beyond mediocrity and we have absolute high class marketers in our network for each area.


Compliance Consulting

Legally compliant transactions and the proper use of international holding structures require a lot of experience and a high class network of the right service providers – we can help you.


Corporate Finance Consulting

As specialists in private equity, venture capital and corporate finance, we can help you with things where others already give up or don’t even start.


Sales consulting, set-up and coordination

If you want to increase your turnover through more sales and build a profitable sales force, then you should let professionals with decades of experience „from the jungle“ do it.

„What little I know about economics and finance I learned in the jungle, not at universities or from textbooks. I’m sure I paid more in tuition than it would have cost me at Harvard.“

– Andre Kostelany (* February 9, 1906 in Budapest, Austria-Hungary; † September 14, 1999 in Paris) was a stockbroker, financial expert, speculator, journalist, writer and entertainer

Andre Kostelany